HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset
HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset

HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset

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Introducing the NEW HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset, the latest and most effective in hair removal technology. Say hello to effortlessly silky skin, all from the comfort of your own home and see results after only 2 treatment sessions! Get ready for the smoothest skin of your life, with no pain and get a lifetime of hair free skin on EVERY body part! (Or your money back with our 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee)

Visible results in just 2 weeks!

Long lasting hair free smooth skin

Impressive 26J total energy output (The highest on the market that’s safe for your skin yet the most effective at destroying unwanted hair)

Quality hair removal at home without the pain

Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology

Glide Mode for Easy Use

5 intensity levels to customize your treatment for your skin tone!

Get the fastest hair removal results than ever before:

  • NEW Advanced Energy Frequency: With our highest energy frequency output range of 6-26J, the HappySkin Diamond handset delivers the most effective and safe hair removal with optimal power to zap away ANY unwanted hair. Customize the intensity to suit your skin tone!

  • Fast, Visible Results in ONLY 2 Weeks: Witness accelerated progress and visibly see significantly less hair growth after only 2 weeks! You can expect to see full hair loss results in just 8-10 weeks!

  • Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology: Our Ice Cooling Technology makes sessions painless and perfect for sensitive skin. With a temperature range of 0-5 degrees, this protects the skin so you can enjoy a gentle treatment that delivers real results.

  • Hair Removal For Life: Our Diamond handsets have a remarkable 999k flashes! That's enough to last over 20+ years, making it the best investment for your hair removal needs. You can choose another body part to remove hair on anytime without booking an appointment ever again!

  • Use On ANY Body Part: Legs, arms, underarms, chin, mustache, toes, feet, face, bikini line, brazilian and behind - you can remove hair on your ENTIRE body with just ONE device.

  • Safe & Effective: Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities. The HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset is thoughtfully engineered with built-in safety features to protect your skin from any potential harm. Happy Skin Co is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and the FDA.

  • Glide Model For Easy Use: Zap hair away with glide mode without pressing a button as our built in intelligent sensor does the work for you locating your hair follicles as you glide. Use auto, manual or glide mode to easily get rid of those pesky hairs.

Experience the unmatched power of the HappySkin Diamond IPL Hair Removal Handset for the fastest and most effective hair removal on the market!


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“I’ve only been using this handset for a couple of weeks and can already see results! AMAZING!”


“I hate shaving, but I LOVE happy skin co. Results are FAB, I couldn’t believe it.”


“My arms are the smoothest they've ever been. No more hair.”


“I can't believe the difference this handset has made. I hardly have to shave anymore.”


“Because my skin is so light the hair really stands out. After 8 weeks, I am confident in myself and don't even have to shave anymore before my sessions.”


“My legs have completely transformed with the help of this handset!”


“I had a little bit of hair growth on my chin. Nothing too crazy but it bothered me. I picked up a HappySkinCo handset and it really helped me eliminate those hairs in just a few weeks. So glad I have this for the future keep my hair under control.”

Jennifer G

“I struggle with hormonal hair growth on my chin and when I have shaved previously it leaves my skin irritated with little red bumps. This handset has helped with hair growth and the little red bumps. So glad I bought one of these :)”

Olivia S

“My underarms are hair-free thanks to HappySkinCo”